2 Minute Litter Picks

Litter picking is easy and just 2 minutes of your time will make a difference, which is why we have put 2 Minute Litter Pick boards in 30 popular parks. 

The 2 Minute Litter Pick is a national scheme coordinated by 2 Minute Beach Clean to encourage you to pick up litter quickly and easily by providing the equipment and encouragement to help you get hooked!

The 2 Minute Litter Pick boards hold two litter pickers and bags to collect litter in. Simply take a picker and bag and get collecting. Recycle what you can, then empty the litter from the bag in the normal park bin. Return the bags and litter picker to the board for the next person to use.  You’re welcome to bring your own excess bags to add to the board.

Do take a couple of photos or ‘selfies’ and post them on our Do Something Good Facebook page using the hashtag #2minutelitterpick – this spreads the word about the project, your good deed and encourages others to take part! 

No litter picker in the board?  We’ll re-stock when we can, but we’ll give you a free litter picker if you send us your selfies of you collecting bags of rubbish on at least 3 different occasions.