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Transform Your Space 5

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Ealing Council has a Transform Your Space (round 5) fund of £100,000* to support projects located in Acton & Park Royal, Chiswick (Acton Green and Bedford Park), Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale & Southall that attracts strong support and engagement with the community by building safe, thriving and attractive places. If you have an idea for how to transform an underused space, whether outdoor or indoor, or use a space in a different way, which your local community would benefit from than you could receive up to £10,000 of funding. We want to encourage more people to take part in creating thriving, safe and vibrant places that are attractive to people and are built by communities coming together to volunteer their time and effort. Your project will need to meet at least one of the nine Future Ealing Council Plan priorities, that may mean encouraging more participation from young people particularly those aged 16-24, finding ways for the elderly to stay fit and healthy, providing more opportunities for people to gain new skills for future employment or supporting people with low mobility or disabilities. 

The aim of this fund is to help bring people together, to encourage local people to feel welcomed, to be involved, active and independent. To achieve this you would need to turn a space into a vibrant place which can be used by others, particularly people aged 16-24 in the local community, and helps people to get out and about, and keep them active and independent, across the generations. The fund is worth £90,000 - you must be able to source match funding as the most you can apply for is 50% of the total project costs or a maximum of £10,000.

For this round there is a focus on engaging young people so we have introduced a separate Young People's Fund in addition to the Transform Your Space 5 fund. If you are between the ages 16-24 years  you can apply as a group for up to 80% match funding, or up to £1,000, or as an individual for up to 80% or up to £500.

To help you plan for your project and ensure you are able to fulfill the criteria for this fund, a variety of workshops and support will be available on capacity building, providing helpful guidance on how to formalise a group, how to write a successful bid and the best way to financially manage your project.

Freshwater Foundation can offer ad hoc advice on
Creating a team
Creating a strategy
Running a small project
Managing a budget
Organising and running meetings
Producing a governing document
Setting up as a charity

Ealing CVS have a programme of events you may find useful, check their calendar here:

There is also a toolkit to help you start thinking about your project, and Key Dates.

If you want to have a chat with the Community Management Team about your project and would like some advice, you can contact them at



  • The project must be on land located within the London Borough of Ealing.
  • It attracts strong support and engagement with the community.
  • You must be able to secure at least 50% match funding from non-council sources.
  • Although other Ealing Council funds, including ward forums, could be in the mix, the total amount of Ealing Council funds will be capped at 50% of the project's total costs. You can receive up to £5,000 from this TYS fund, however if your selected location is mentioned in any ward forum priority improvement plan 2018-22 this could increase to a maximum of £10,000.

You can show that your project has support and engagement with the community via any of these channels (by 13 January 2020):

  • At least 20 pledges on your crowdfunding campaign with Ealing Connects  or other crowdfunding platform
  • A link on to your social media campaign such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, with at least 20 people with comments of support or improvements
  • A public petition or survey with at least 20 different people taking part or responding

You can choose how to find your match funding:

  • Either using Ealing Connects - Ealing's crowdfunding platform with Spacehive
  • Or using Ealing 4 Fundraising - a funding portal to help you secure the funds you need within the required key dates and completing the application form
  • Applying for Pocket Parks funding - a government fund offering up to £25,000 to community led organisations to transform unloved, neglected or derelict areas into new green spaces; deadline 31 December 2019
  • Applying to Freshwater Foundation - a local funder offering up to £2,000 to voluntary or community organisations engaging in charitable work; deadline 31st January 2020
  • Or using a mixture of ay of the above

The criteria used to determine which projects are suited for the fund is as follows:

  • Community Engagement – Getting the community on your side, to work with you, to volunteer and invest their time in your project will guarantee its success.
  • Supporting the Community – Make your project one which helps support your local community, particularly those aged 16-24 years, encourages the elderly and the isolated to work with you.  Help young people who are looking for employment or skills by getting them to volunteer their time.  Outdoor and indoor group activities that engage the mind and body not only make you feel good but can help to improve people’s health.
  • Sustainability – The project must have a lasting impact on the community; to make that happen you should think about what your aspirations are for the first year and the next three years.
  • Effective use of available resources – how will you make the best use of the assets, materials, the people you engage, as well as the funding you receive to achieve your dreams.
  • Your project should show how it can make a positive contribution towards one or more of the council’s priorities:
    • Helps Ealing have the smallest environmental footprint possible; for example, by making a difference towards having sustainable transport on our roads, to help our homes and streets breathe easier and tackle congestion – that involves encouraging cycling and walking by people of all ages including young people.
    • Helps the economy grow by creating jobs & opportunities for residents to reduce poverty and increase incomes; for example, by offering opportunities for volunteering and the chance to work with others across the generations, such experience and skills are invaluable training, and ‘up-skilling’ and could lead to apprenticeships or jobs  
    • Helps create strong communities that promote diversity with inequality and discrimination reduced; for example by encouraging people to come together in times of celebration and help each other in times of need, that young people are prepared to work with you, to volunteer and invest their time.
    • Helps the borough feel safe and clean where people want to live by working with others to maintain the excellence of our parks and open spaces, and the streets we live in; and support the local community to overcome their fear of crime as well as reduce crime.
    • Helps people be physically and mentally healthy, active and independent; perhaps helping those who need care to live better lives; encouraging sport and leisure, encouraging the elderly and the isolated to come together.
    • Helps children and young people to grow up safe from harm and fulfil their potential; for example, by offering opportunities for young people who are looking for employment or skills by getting them to volunteer their time and share their valuable knowledge and experiences in new ways, perhaps by engaging others in the fast-moving digital environments.

Don't forget to use the toolkit to help you start planning your project.

Don't forget the Key Dates:

October 2019 Launch 

Ealing CVS Funders Fair  - Tuesday 26 November 2019 10am -1pm taking place at St Andrew's Church Centre, Mount Park Road, London, W5 2RS sign up here  
Attend the Ealing CVS Funder Fair to hear about the various funding streams available for your ideas. An opportunity to look for match funding which could help secure your Transform Your Space bid. 

Transform Your Space Idea Workshop - Thursday 28 November 2019  5pm-8pm, The Young Adult Centre, Park View Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3HJ 
If you work with young people or you are a young person between the ages of 16-24 years, the Young Ealing Foundation and Ealing Council's Youth and Connexions team will be co-hosting a workshop to help support your idea for a Transform Your Space project. The workshop will offer you guidance on how your idea can be turned into a feasible project - with tips and advice on how to design, schedule and project manage your idea. Sign up here

Ealing Connects (Spacehive) Transform Your Space Workshop  - Tuesday 10 December 2019 6.30pm-8pm, Summit Studios Ltd, 2 – 4 Spring Bridge Mews, Spring Bridge Road,
Ealing, W5 2AB
The Spacehive team will explain how you can secure funding through Ealing Connect's  - the crowdfunding platform used by Ealing Council to help you secure funding for your project. They also talk you through the additional local and national funds available for your project including the Mayor of London's fund. By the end of the night you could start to create your own crowdfunding campaign page and market you project. To sign up for this workshop go here 


Monday 13 January 2020 - Deadline for projects to be uploaded on Ealing Connects (for verification)
Sunday 16 February 2020 - Deadline for projects to be on DSG or 2-min video sent to
w/c 2 March 2020 - Publish results
End of May 2020 - Most groups issued funding depending on when they have secured/applied for match funding 
June 2020 - Projects start to take shape