Rugby Road/Southfield Road FlowerbedsW4

26 January 2020


In years past these two flowerbeds have been cared for by the council and planted with summer bedding giving a lovely colourful display for a few months in the summer.  However with increasing cuts the planting of summer flowers has been abandoned by the council and the beds have been cleared of weeds periodically and otherwise left as they are, with the cordylines and agapanthus forming a structure to an undergrowth of weeds, which every so often are cleared to leave bare earth.

With some initial investment in plants the beds could be future proofed and remain attractive year round and free from attention by the council.  A planting scheme of grasses, retaining the cordylines and agapanthus and including an under planting of adjuga has been discussed with the Council Parks department.  It was agreed that the area should be cleared of all but the long standing plants – they also give some height, and then the beds topped up with some new topsoil/compost and then the new plants put in and a mulchadded to suppress weeds whilst the plants established themselves.

This is a relatively small project that could have the initial planting achieved in one day, the ongoing maintenance of the beds should be quite minimal, collecting litter, dead heading a tidying of dead leaves etc  

Support for one off, one hour tidying operations has already proposed and many local residence thought this was a good and achievable proposition.

How you can help

Finance & fundraising Tools & equipment Volunteer - practical skills

Anyone attending a tidy up session would only require gloves, their green garden waste bags or dustbin bags and possibly some secateurs.

Junction of Rugby Road with Southfield Road in Chiswick W4 1AW


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